Uriah Preach – Louise Bennett

Uriah Preach – Louise Bennett

Fe me fambly is not peaw-peaw,
Me daughta Sue dah-teach.
An wen rain fall, or Parson sick,
Me son Uriah preach!

Sunday gone, rain come so till Parson
Could’n lef him yard,
People was eena church an so
Uriah get weh broad;

Him climb up pon de pulpit, him
Lean over, him look dung,
Him look pon all we enemy
An lash dem wid him tongue!

De fus one him teck on, was Lize
Who tell de lie pon me,
Him stare in a her face an say,
“Thou art de mouti-mouti!”

Him sey “Thou art de rowasam!”
“Thou art de meddlesam!”
An den him look pon me an sey,
“Thou art de slaughtered lamb!”
Him teck on Teacher Brown, for wen
Him was de size o’dat,
Teacher beat him one day because
Him call Teacher “top-knot.”

So ‘Riah get him revenge now
For him stare straight pon Brown
An say, “let him dat sittet’ on
De house-top not come down!”

Him teck on Butcher Jones, who noted
Fe sell scrapses meat,
Him say “Thou shalt not give thy neighbours
Floolooloops to eat!”

Him tell dem off, dem know is dem,
Dem heart full to de brim,
But as ‘Riah eena pulpit
Dem can’t back-answer him!

So wen church member mel me, I
Don’t answer till it reach
A rainy-day wen Parson stay
Home, an Uriah preach.