Ever dearest #Ishawna,

I genuinely hope this msg teaches/reaches you in good spirits and I wish you the best in your career advancement. I am reluctantly writing this message because the Estate of Louise Bennett-Coverley will not stoop to the levels of offering any additional publicity to such disrespectful commentary made about Miss Lou’s National Costume. As her Grandson, It is very easy for me to take this to another level but as a man with integrity, I can look past the disrespect you have shown towards my grandmother and perhaps wonder if you just don’t know better. My phone has been ringing off the hook with people asking me what they would like me to have them do. I will take this opportunity to address and educate, I will have you know that so called “Table Cloth” is a Madras Check print from a village in India. Miss Rob, my Great Grandmother, used this cloth and designed a costume for my Grandmother Miss Lou. The last offer to buy Miss Lou’s so called “table cloth” costume was 760,000.00 USD which my Father turned down because sometimes heritage and culture needs to be worth more than money.

(It’s is easier for a camel to go threw the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven or “Possessions Mek you rich?” Quote from Bob Marley you choose which one you like more.)

It is unfortunate to know that someone who has great potential influence on our youth, did not do more research before making statements that could potentially harm their career. I am sure you know how proud fiwi Jamaican people are of our culture and we are mainly peaceful, we nuh trouble trouble unless trouble trouble us first! Wishing you the best in your career, with some advice that you consider your actions now for your personal legacy later.

Audrey Reid my Dancehall Queen I love you! We can always depend on the voice of love to stand up when we are off the island!

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Since this has occurred Audrey Reid actor from the movie dancehall queen has requested everyone where the bandana and post pictures to show your love for Miss Lou

Clayton Coverley