Jamaica Observer – Ishawna and Miss Lou’s ‘tablecloth’ frock

Dear editor,

Dancehall artist Ishawna deserved the backlash she got after posting on Instagram: “Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou”.

Kei Miller gave a classic response, in poetry, Miss Lou style, a poem now gone viral online with thousands of likes.

I believe we have failed our youth terribly in terms of teaching them about our icons, heroes, our culture, civics and national pride. This poem by Kei Miller will help to put things in proper perspective. I guess we can say “argument done now, Ishawna”, maybe next time you will pause and think, before you post.

“What a ting Miss Matty,
It really bun me hawt,
Look how dis gyal goh style mi frock
as so-so table clawt!

But me prefer wear mi table cloth,
wid hat and glove and boot
dan put mi self pan Instagram
in a buttu birthday suit!

But mi naah get inna temper
Mi ah guh hole mi tung
For she nuh got nuh dress at all
For mi guh dress her dung!”

P Chin

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