Declare Miss Lou as National Icon


Declare Miss Lou as National Icon and Erect Statue at Emancipation

Louise ‘Miss Lou’ Bennett had an unsurpassed impact on Jamaica culture. She championed our folk customs for over 50 years as broadcaster, actress, television personality, and stage performer, and is the country’s most popular poet. Her dialect performances were the direct precursors of deejay music, dub poetry and rap. Her insistence on the inherent worth of Jamaican expression established a respect in the people for their language and tradition, and helped bring about emancipation from mental and linguistic slavery. She is held in unique esteem by young and old, and is the most universally beloved figure we have produced.

We are therefore proposing that a new category of national honours be created for Miss Lou, and that she should made our first official National Icon. (Conceivably other widely acclaimed individuals like Bob Marley and Usain Bolt could be added in future years.)

We are also proposing that a life-size statue of Miss Lou be erected at the Emancipation Park entrance. Mr. Anthony Gambrill has already offered to pay for such a statue.

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